About the Lake George Car Show

//About the Lake George Car Show

About the Lake George Car Show

About the Lake George Car Show

The Annual Lake George Car Show is a three-day event for motoring and car enthusiasts that is held in the village of Lake George the weekend after Labor Day, which is often the second weekend of September every year. The show is an all-inclusive event that that features classic cars, fireworks, special events, vendors and a wide range of fun activities for entire families. Every year, the organizers invite special celebrity guests who grace the show and make an effort to have it covered by on National Television.

Lake George car show

Lake George car show 2016

What the Show is About

During the 27th edition of Lake George Car Show that was held on September 9th to 11th 2015. Thousands lined up at the one-mile-long Canada Street between Mountain Drive and Birch Avenue half the night to cheer and admire the unending stream of ‘souped up’ cars with shining chrome alloy rims, thundering exhaust systems, colorful artwork, and bouncing suspension systems.The colorful display of professionally modified and restored classic automobiles took over the village and every type of car was on display—everything from thousand horsepower American muscle cars to elegantly waxed classics and exotics. In total, over 2,000 auto enthusiasts took part in the show.

Hosts of Lake George Car Show

The special hosts of the Lake George Car Show are often renowned icons and respected experts in the automotive industry. In 2015, the show, which has grown to become a premier car show in the entire Northeast, was hosted by Albany Rods & Kustoms. The show is very popular largely because of the beautiful event location—the southern tip of Lake George. The spectators get a clear view and proximity to the vehicles in action as they drive through Canada street in a breathtakingly beautiful three-hour night car cruise.

Starting with the 26th edition of Lake George Car Show, participants with high powered cars got the chance to display their cars’ horsepower, spinning donuts and burning rubber on the drag stretch of Canada Street, cheered on by ecstatic fanatics on the sidewalks. Prior to this addition to the show, the cruise exited at Beach Road, leaving the Canada Street stretch open and prone to mischief. This stretch of the road is often streaked with curving marks and an unforgettable smell of burning rubber for months, made by smoking tires.

Authority Concerns on Safety

After the 2013 Lake George Car Show, serious concerns were raised regarding the safety of show drivers and sidewalk spectators because out-of-control vehicles could cause serious accidents and injuries. The organizers responded by changing the parade route and warning drivers of the consequences of unsafe driving during registration, which would include revocation of registration and even bans from future participation in the show.

All in all, in the last two events where there were reports of burnouts, loud sounds of revving engines, spinning wheels, and clouds of burning rubber smoke, most spectators were thrilled and appeared to pursue the lawlessness of past events. Some carried placards in support of burnouts but were careful to keep them away when the Warren County Sheriff’s patrol car passed. All in all, the events have been fun-filled and car enthusiasts from all over the country, some from as far as Los Angeles, attended the show.

Participation and Events

Streets are closed between 7 pm and 10 pm on the night of Lake George Car Show, which is characterized by a large crowd thronging the streets and lining the sidewalks and pavements of Canada Street. But even with that being said, the village often manages to control the crowds and avoid traffic gridlock despite the high attendance. On the blocks west of the cruise route, traffic flows smoothly in Ottawa street but one can rarely find a parking spot as early as 5 pm. When public parking spaces are full, private businesses, churches, and homeowners offer parking spaces for visitors at a price of between $5 and $20.

The Lake George Car Show begins at 7 pm and continues through Sunday morning. The cruise often starts at 7 pm and runs through 10 pm, when fireworks begin till around midnight. Admission to the car show is $10 at Fort William Henry Hotel, right on Canada Street. Admission to the show allows the spectators to visit vendors at the Festival Commons in Charles R. Wood Park and on hotel grounds, to view cars during the parade, and to contribute to a common cause. All proceeds from the car show go to charity. Be sure to book your hotel early!

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